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Greenhorn Campground

If you are African american, just might not be for you
  • nickinsac May 2012
    Never again will I camp here and strongly suggest anyone else interested that may be black take this in consideration:
    My family and I decided this place to spend the memorial day holiday for camping and fun, well it started out that way but however ended very differently. BTW we are a black family and I was the only adult male in attendance there, friday eve. we arrive set up and had a good time. I am a 51 yr old male, daughter30, four of my grandchildren, female friends of daughter with 7 other kids whose age ranged from 17 to 2yrs old. Sat. was nice then on sunday we took a nature walk at 6pm that lasted about an hour and a half or so. Then about 10:15 that night 2 security personal from the campsite approached our site demanding to talk to the creep that was out taking pictures and they described the clothes I wore to a T. , well that was a no brainer. they went on to tell me some campers down the road reported I had creeped out other campers and so forth while taking pictures( the pics I was taking was of my family members and scenery in general, just memories of the trip, I then offered them the camera so that they can review what was on it, which to me would have been the best way to clear myself as being a creep or creepy, however they refused to do so, I insisted and still they declined to do so. long story short we were harrassed the rest of the night about making too much noise, until about 11pm I suggested we just to to bed . that morning we packed up and left. We were the only black family camping there and I will never again do this place. thanks for the harrassement greenhorn I hope you go out of business, also you should post no cameras allowed along with a sign saying black campers should enter at their own risk..............Nick
  • PetraPetra August 2012
    hello????? This is a campground! Everybody tries to enjoy the evening. Obviously you were making too much noise! Did I read it right? "until about 11 pm I suggested we just go to bed". I would have reported you before 10, no matter if you are black ,white, yellow, red or green in skin color.
  • Terryt September 2012
    15 people in a campsite don't care what race that's too many people.No way that many people would not be loud.