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Chili Cheese Burgers on an open fire
  • Home Skillet February 2012
    OK, I have a new favorite camping meal. Last weekend we made a chili cheese burger over the fire. 1/2 pound extra lean ground beef patty cooked over the fire with some cedar shavings for flavor. All the usual burger trimmings were pre-sliced for easy use including some Tillamook cheddar cheese. The sesame seed buns were briefly caramelized over the flame and we heated the home-made chili in a pot next to the burgers.
    Once the burger is assembled ( no room for the chili) we simply spooned the chili onto the top of the burger and took a BIG bite. Holy smokes! These things were amazing. A little messy, but well worth the post-meal hand cleaning! I was stuffed.

    Anyone else have a favorite camp meal?
  • Corrinla March 2012
    you're good at cook,
    every time we go camping, dad cook, as i'm a greener on cooking. I can always taste yummy foods by dad.

    camping tent
  • EricEric March 2012
    Speaking of pre-making meals, I have a favorite camping or river rafting breakfast that I do. I pre-cook ham, cheese, and mushroom omelets and place them in zip-lock freezer bags, then put them into the cooler. When its time for breakfast, I simply take the omelets out (bag and all and drop them into a pot of boiling water. 5 minutes later, voila! Hot omelets, gooey cheese and all.
    Clean up is as easy as putting the bag in the trash and dumping out the hot water. On with the day!