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Coleman 3-in-1 camp stove
  • Home Skillet February 2012
    One of my favorite pieces of camp equipment is my Coleman 3-in-1 camp stove. This thing is only about 24 inches wide by 18 inches deep and sits up on some stubby legs. Runs on propane and has 3 different cooking surfaces. One is a grill for searing up some meat, one is a burner top for holding pots and pans, and the other is a non-stick skillet for those hashbrown and egg mornings. All of this packs up into one unit and goes in its own zip up bag! Pretty awesome. It goes everywhere with me!

  • Corrinla March 2012
    I also bought a camping stove for my first campingwith my mom and dad. And i bought it online. it's a frontier stove, excellent, we also used it for barbecue, and also boiled water, very convenient.

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