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Camping USA February Product Giveaway - Auspit Rotisserie
  • AaronAaron January 2012
    Note that the February giveaway is starting a bit early and all reviews submitted as of today (January 26) will be eligible for the February 29th Drawing.

    Our February 29th product giveaway will be an Auspit Outdoor Rotisserie. Camping USA Members that submit reviews between now and the end of February will be entered into the March 1st drawing. Click here for contest guidelines.

    About the Auspit Rotisserie BBQ:
    The award-winning AuspitTM is the Australian rotisserie sensation which makes delicious cooking in the outdoors simple & fun!

    It's a versatile, easily-portable cordless rotisserie system that can be used when camping, hunting, at the beach or just hanging out in your backyard. Serve mouth-watering meats, vegetables--you name it--to up to 16 friends and family members at a time.

    Visit the Auspit Rotisserie site for additional information: Auspit

  • AaronAaron March 2012
    Congratulations to the winner of the Auspit Rotisserie: PaulHeath. Congrats!

    We will announce another drawing soon.
  • EricEric March 2012
    Congratulations Paul Heath! I'm pretty jealous, this Auspit Rotisserie is really nice. Look forward to hearing back from you once you've had a chance to try it out!