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Deerhead Campground

Campground Details: Deerhead Campground
State: New Mexico Campgrounds

camping at deerhead campground
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/19/2009 by nekekal

    We stayed at deerhead campground in late june, 2009. The campground had just been rebuilt, and had only been open a week. We stayed there because it is close to cloudcroft. There is no other reason to stay there.

    The place is expensive at $17 a night. There is one water faucet available, up by the camp host. A long walk from almost any camp site.

    The sign claims that it is for tent camping. This is correct. We have a 1990 VW van, that is 12 feet long, and they allow you to park on the asphalt, but there is no parking spot that is flat and level. They all slope up, down, right, left, somewhere. We picked one that only sloped a little, but most of them have serious slopes, or are just parking along side of the road.

    The toilets are nice, but for $17 I expected flushing, or at least a sink to wash in. Just vault toilets.

    You are close to the ranger station, and the road, which doesn't have a lot of traffic, and town.

    I would not stay there again, nor would I recommend that anyone I know stay there.

    I don't know what possessed the forest service to build a tent only campground, with no water in this day. In a week of camping in the mountains, I think I saw one tent. We were the only ones in the camp when we stayed there.
  • AaronAaron November 2011
    I'm going to have to disagree with some of the sentiments in this review. The vast majority of Forest Service campgrounds do not have water or flush toilets. This is due to the fact that many of them are in very remote places and have no water source available. Also, the investment to install plumbing and a water source at remote campgrounds with light to moderate use just wouldn't make sense.

    Just because we live in a modern age certainly doesn't mean we can't get back to nature a bit. The campground sounds like a winner to me (see other review).