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Bowling Green KOA

Campground Details: Bowling Green KOA
State: Kentucky Campgrounds

Not Impressed at all with the way this KOA is ran
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/06/2009 by momof5

    After doing a lot of researching KOA's within a 3 or 4 hour drive from home, we decided on camping at this KOA. I spoke to the woman who is currently leasing this facility, prior to making reservations. She SEEMED helpful and told us that they would have a children's version of their fishing derby, and being 4th of July weekend they would do some extra activities, such as scavanger hunts and such, they wanted everyone to enjoy themselves.

    When we arrived, we found out the pool was still closed, so there was one thing down we had planned on enjoying for the weekend. They did let campers use the miniture golf course and paddle boats for free,BUT after playing a round on the miniture golf course, it's a good thing it was free because it has not been kept up. There were rocks all over the greens and it seemed like many of the holes were warped, making it impossible to get the ball in the hole. Another problem we were not impressed with was the lack of mowed grass. Especially being a major holiday weekend, I would have thought they would have had the sites mowed. I also asked the workers 3 times about the fishing derby and was told each time they didn't know much about it. We finally had a discussion with the people leasing the facility. The woman denied saying they would do a seperate derby for the kids. We did spend the money which wasn't cheap for me and my husband to fish in it, we not only paid for the tournament but had to buy 2 stringers, and other extras.

    The website says they have hayrides and hotdog and marshmallow cookouts on Friday nights, WRONG again, none of that happened. What they did have planned was fireworks, and a hotdog roast which got rained out.
    So basically all of the things that we were told and that were on the website at this particular KOA didn't happen.

    We definetely will never stay at this KOA again, we would have been better off setting up in our back yard!! I also know we were not the only unhappy campers, the people set up next to us left a day early because they were so unhappy with the place, and I heard many other complaints.