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Long Lake Park Campground

Campground Details: Long Lake Park Campground
State: Ohio Campgrounds

Beautiful grounds - Campers Unappreciated
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/02/2009 by lovecamping

    We visited the park for a couple years before becoming seasonals. The grounds are beautiful. Doug and Jamie have done a superb job at revamping the campground with new buildings and large pool. Weekenders are treated with care and respect, seasonals - not so much. We love Jamie - she is sweet, caring, and fair. Doug, however, is unpredictable, temperamental, and, basically, a bully. We feel like we have to walk on eggshells around Doug. We and many others in the park (and many more that have left unhappy) are treated unfairly and told conflicting stories all the time by Doug regarding rules, lot sizes, lot assignments, etc.

    Rules only apply to some campers and (as the new contract states) rules may be changed anytime Doug feels like it. We paid deposits and signed contracts in October without the Rules page (we were told they had not changed). December rolls around and new contracts come in the mail asking everyone to resign, even if we signed in October, with new rules and new additional fees.

    There are many, many personal stories of mistreatment at this park under the current ownership - just ask various seasonals for the real story behind the happy face and white picket fence.

    I'm so sad that such a beautiful place has become such an uncomfortable place to be for us and for many, many other seasonals. :(

    If the owner's attitude toward seasonals changed for the better and treated us with respect and as his loyal CUSTOMERS (as he should), he'd regain our respect and he'd have a waiting list for seasonal camping. Instead of always having to replace dissatisfied seasonals that leave, he'd really be rolling in the dough.