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hi, i wanna visit usa and i need your help!
  • grisha123 December 2013
    hello, my friends and i are planning to go camping this summer in the states and we wanna visit NY too. we r from russia and usually go camping in summer for 2 weeks. so, my questions: are there any interesting national / state parks with fascinating nature and so on? could we go camping there for 10 days or about that? are there parks like that in 6 - 8 hours driving on a bus from NY or less? plz, help me 'cause we wanna go camping in the us very much!
  • DirtyDogDirtyDog December 2013
    If you really want to experience the grandeur of the US you should visit some of the Western parks and save NY for another time. Maybe you could have NY be a stopover during your flight? Be sure to make camping reservations in advance as the National Parks get very busy. Some options might be flying in to San Francisco and going to Yosemite (although this would be the busiest option). If it were me, I would fly into Salt Lake City and go to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. The scenery at these places is spectacular and they are less busy than the parks in California. As for buses - you would have to research that as I'm not sure what buses service the national parks.