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Driving through the USA
  • pcace November 2013

    i am new here and kind of new to the USA.. i am from Germany and right now i am studying in Washington. form 20th dec. till 20th jan i am going to drive form Houston to San Franzisco, to get to know the country better.
    My Car is a 93 Ford explorer, so i will sleep in that car in this time.
    My Problem is now, what kind of campingsites should i look for - there is "rv park" campgrounds, national parks etc etc.
    So what is the cheapest and not the worst place to stay? is it realistic, to pay around 10$ / night?

    and next question: does anyone knows good campingplaces around these aerias:

    -> houston tx
    -> dallas tx
    -> amarillo tx
    -> Albuquerque
    -> vegas
    -> death valley
    -> + coast between LA and san francisco

    I would be happy about any hint you can give me! Any nice place to stay more or less on that route would be awesome!

    so who has some ideas??

    Thank you so much!

  • DirtyDogDirtyDog December 2013
    I can't help you with most of these places but I can comment on Death Valley. There is really no camping near Death Valley so you need to look at the campgrounds within the park. The non-RV park camps will be the nicest. In the Furnace Creek area, my first recommendation would be Texas Spring followed by Furnace Creek Campground. The more remote camps are free but they are first-come first-served and the park can be busy. It would be a good idea to stay at a camp where you can get reservations.

    More info and prices are here