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"Camp Robbers"
  • Home Skillet January 2013
    Did you know that in the Northwest there is a bird (a grey jay bird) that is also called a "camp robber"? These guys are not shy at all and have been known to fly down and steal treats right out of campers hands! Thus the nickname.
    I once had one land on my hat while snowshoeing in the Mt. Hood National Forest and then try to pluck the fluffy ball off of the top. I've taken pictures of the "Canadian Jay" taking crackers from fellow campers hands. They are fun.....until they get really brave and start picking treats right off of the camp table!
    I'm not sure if these birds exist outside of the Northwest.....anyone else seen them elsewhere?
  • ski3pin January 2013
    Around here (Sierra Nevada) the Clark's Nutcracker is commonly called the Camp Robber. When you move east into the Rockies, the nickname is shared with the Gray Jay
  • BosqueBill March 2013
    Home Skillet, are you referring to the Gray Jay, a.k.a., Whiskey Jack? Here's a link. I haven't actually seen one of these guys myself, but hope to maybe this summer when I get my camper up into the Colorado Rockies.
  • Home Skillet April 2013
    Ya, that's the one BosqueBill. You should see some in The Rockies on your trip.
    Thanks for the links ski3 pin!