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Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

best place in this area
  • PetraPetra November 2012
    I'm a regular at this campground, since family lives nearby.
    It has a beautiful, beautiful view (see my pictures) and is very well maintained. The fees are reasonable : $14 for water & electricity hookups , $10 without, water is nearby.
    Flora is mainly creosote, prickly pear, yucca and mesquite. No shade from trees.
    Plenty of skunks and foxes at dusk.
    The downside: it gets very hot in summer (Thank god for AC!) and almost on a regular basis there are fire restrictions from end of May to mid July, because of lack of rain. No BBQ fire! Needless to say, no ground fire, but you won't need one, air is hot enough!
    It also gets very windy from time to time in spring or fall, mostly at night. I always feel sorry for the tenters at these times. Had the experience a couple of years ago, when I was still with my tent: no sleep all night , afraid the tent would collapse any moment.
    The busiest months are March and October. I would recommend a reservation for these months for an electricity site.
    For some reason the dump station is down for almost a year now! I don't know what happened here and why they can't fix it. No problem if you go north to Alamogordo, the dump station is at the chamber of commerce right behind the zoo, but it's a hassle if you travel towards El Paso.

    4/12/2013 Dumpstation ist open again

  • AaronAaron November 2012
    Sounds like a great park Petra. I'll have to check it out!