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Crane Prairie Resort

Campground Details: Crane Prairie Resort
State: Oregon Campgrounds

Crane Prairie Resort NOT recommended
  • orarcher August 2012
    Rate it at a "0" out of ten If I could rate it lower I would. We arrived fri 8/10 late afternoon as my wife, mother in law and myself walked in we went up to the counter and the owner was helping a oriental family who were obvious tourists. There was a language barrier and the owner seemed put off by it. The lady and her family were there to rent a small boat for just a couple hours he told her the fee was $15 she had no problem and handed him a amex card he charged her card and handed her the receipt to sign she made a comment on being charged $16 not $15 she thought the boat costs he said I told you I charge a dollar to use credit card she was obviously confused but rather than try to calmly explain he rudely grabbed $16 cash from the drawer and handed it to her as he was telling her how patient he had been and how he was doing her a favor all the while one of his clerks is physically removing the life jacket off of one of the children then told them to leave. Now comes my turn at the counter the owners wife is helping us. I told her we had reservations for the larger cabin for 2 nights and the larger pontoon boat so she was starting to write the tickets up and was just being short I said bad day ? she said ya. when it came time to pay ($450) I was going over the ticket and noticed that the boat was not on it for Sun. I said what about the 1/2 day rental on Sun. she said we already rented it and we don't rent half day. I'm like your website says otherwise as did the person we spoke to two weeks ago when we made reservations. She argued with me saying they would not tell us that. I said to them you know were here getting ready to drop around 500 bucks and you wont rent us the boat for a half day on sun.? She looks at her husband Now I'm a bit perplexed and I say no wonder you get such bad reviews online. The owner looks at me and says.... what ? so I say it again and he looks at his wife and says have you ran there card yet ? Telling her he doesn't care if we rent or not. At this point we have our kids anxiously waiting for a camping trip along with boat fishing etc. and just wanted to pay and move on. So reluctantly I did ($322) went outside and felt like crap literally I hate confrontations like that and still felt bad about the oriental lady. Parked by the cabin and stated putting our stuff inside. I am using the word cabin very loosely !! you could see through the walls !! Thank god we brought our own sleeping bags. Boat was ok at best. Sat evening wife wanted a shower after we returned the boat it was 7:15 pm the owner lady says showers close @ 7:30 saying she kept them open extra long tonight (sun hasn't even gone down yet) That evening sitting by the fire there was a dog barking in a forest service camp site across the small cove and the owner guy yells across the way shut your dam dog up !! I didn't really know if I wanted to spend this much time writing a review but I really hope someone takes note and avoids the resort period !! The lake is great and if you must stay in a cabin or need supplies there is other places nearby. WE will not EVER go back to the resort !! Aside from the negative the lake was beautiful sun was hot the fishing well not so much