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A post apocalyptic adventure
  • greenmm June 2012
    Beaver Pond Campground- Harriman State/Palisades Park system. NY

    People who choose to stay at Beaver Pond campground will envy the men working in the underground methane factory of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I urge or dare you (I'm not sure which word to use) to drive through prior to selecting it as your "wilderness" destination.

    The 'campsites' are little more than raised slatted platforms, the sites are mostly on top of each other, its loud, crowded, and the bathroom facilities are dirty. At night it sounds like the Lord Humungus is calling for the surrender of the gasoline. Here's the bottom line from someone who grew up in the area: There is no suitable campground within the palisades/bearmountain/harriman park system.

    My advice? Drive to the park for day use activites. Yes my friends I would offer Beaver Pond as my choice for worst public campground in America. I kid you not.