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Best Western RV Park - Fernley

Campground Details: Best Western RV Park
State: Nevada Campgrounds

Better than nothing (barely)
  • DirtyDogDirtyDog February 2012
    It was late on a winter day and I was desperate to find a place to setup ASAP. I was relieved to find that the Best Western just off the Interstate in Fernley had a small RV park in the back. After checking in at the hotel lobby I discovered that the building that housed the RV amenities (restrooms, laundry etc) was closed (presumably for the winter). Despite the closure I still had to pay the full $30 RV fee. Using the restroom entailed walking all the way to the hotel office and using the lobby restroom. I believe a sign at the desk even said the pool was for hotel customers only and not RV customers. To make make it just that much worse, there is some kind of nightclub nearby and music and loud party goers kept me up until very late.

    This park doesn't have the state 30 sites anymore. Seems many have been built over with solar panels and hotel outbuildings. Not recommended.