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Custom Built Carbon Fiber Pop-up Camper
  • Home Skillet February 2012
    I hope this is a good place to post this. I built a completely custom (from scratch) carbon fiber, hard side, pop-up camper onto my 2006 Nissan Titan about 1 year ago. I have been using it now ever since and it has been a dream. The whole thing weighs less than 700 lbs. and is supper insulated and quiet. I have been able to test it in the winter some too and it heats with just a small 3000 btu catalytic heater.

    Here are a few pics of the completed project.......I think it came out ok.

  • Home Skillet February 2012
    An update:

    Just took the rig out last weekend for a 3 day steelhead fishing trip on the John Day River. It did great even with 40-50 knot winds and 20 degree nights with snow. Only issue this trip was that one of the electric rams went out. No problem though, the other 3 did just fine lifting the top. The insulation on this thing is amazing. We didn't even have to use the heater. 2 guys and a dog were enough to keep it warm!

    Home Skillet