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Strongback Chairs
  • EricEric February 2012
    I don't know about you, but when I go out camping I really play hard. By the time I usually get back to camp I am pretty wore out. I just want to sit an relax by the fire for a while. My old camp chair was not really all that comfortable and I usually wound up squirming around or sitting in a hunched position....not really comfortable.

    Then I discovered the Strongback Chair. After sampling one for only a few minutes I knew that my next camping trip would be a better experience. I purchased two of the Elite Stongback Chairs on the spot.

    Now, not only do I enjoy lounging around the camp fire at night, my camp mates are usually trying to come up with sneaky ways to sit in my chair. Of course, I don't share. I tell them to get their own......and they quite often do!