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Auspit Rotisserie
  • EricEric February 2012
    Camp cooking is one of the things that I really enjoy about getting out in the wilds. Food just seems to taste better out there.
    Recently I was introduced to the Auspit Rotisserie at a local RV show. I followed the intoxicating aroma of roasting chicken around a corner and down an isle to the Auspit booth where Jon (the North America Distributor) was literally cooking up a full meal on an Auspit Rotisserie right there in the show. With my mouth watering the whole time Jon described the Auspit for me.
    Made in Australia, this self contained, compact, self automated, light-weight, go-anywhere rotisserie is a great addition to any camp cooking arsenal. It sets up in just minutes and can be used over an open fire, a bbq pit, bbq pan, or just about any cooking source. The construction is solid and it will hold up to 18 pounds of food at a time. It runs up to 90 hours on just 2 D-cell batteries. You can feed up to 16 people with this thing. And it only weighs 11 pounds!
    It is totally hands off cooking and slow cooks meats and vegetable to perfection.

    The best part is that Jon was nice enough to supply Camping USA with one of his Auspit Rotisseries for our February gear give-away! Click here for details on the give-away and how you can earn a shot at winning this must own camp cooking device.

    For more information on Auspit Rotisseries visit their website.