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Camping USA Quality Review Guidelines
  • AaronAaron January 2012
    At Camping USA, we are working to create the best campground and RV park directory on the Internet. As part of that goal, we would like to ensure that all of the campground reviews meet some basic minimum requirements:

    1. Reviews should be at least two sentences.
    2. Reviews should detail what it was about the campground that resulted in liking or disliking it.
    3. Reviews that are submitted in all caps will not be accepted and will be removed from the directory.

    Some examples of campgrounds with acceptable reviews:
    Chickhominy Reservoir and Campground
    Calaveras Big Trees State Park
    Stough Reservoir Campground
    Furnace Creek Campground

    That's it! We appreciate your participation in the Camping USA review program!
  • newfieman1966 January 2012
    For the past 3 years we have went to Sun Lakes State park for our annual group camping trip. We love the hot weather, closeness to the beach, minus the windy nights we have always had a great time. We will go again.
  • DirtyDogDirtyDog February 2012
    Newfieman, you should start reviews from the campground detail page using the review form. This is not the correct place for a review.

    Perhaps this is the Sun Lakes State Park you were reviewing? Sun Lakes State Park