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Sportsmobile vs. Sprinter Van
  • EricEric January 2012
    Just had a great discussion with some guys from work on the benefits of the sportsmobile vs. the Sprinter Van. When it was all said and done, the thoughts were that each has its advantages and it really depends on what you plan to do.

    Sportsmobile: Better for off road or extended secondary road trips with rough roads. modification ready, including bike racks, roof racks, hitches, and interior mods to meet your specific needs (like fly fishing). Four wheel drive, for snow and mud conditions. The cool factor is high on these too.

    Sprinter Van: Better gas mileage. roomier and more plush inside. Great for sustained trips on primary or good secondary roads. Diesel option is very reliable.

    Anybody else have a thought on these. My friend is a triathlete and wants to use it for events and races. I think the Sprinter Van is probably the best option.
  • AaronAaron January 2012
    To clarify, Sportsmobile the company makes units with Sprinter Vans as well as with Ford cargo vans so a "Sportsmobile" could also refer to a Sprinter. With Ford discontinuing its cargo van the Sprinter is going to be the only option so let's just hope they come out with a 4wd version.