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Campgrounds by city spotlight: Bend, Oregon
  • AaronAaron November 2011
    Many know that Bend, Oregon is an outdoor paradise but even the Camping USA staff was surprised by just how many campgrounds ended up on your campgrounds near bend page after our Oregon updates this summer. We ended up with 165 campgrounds within a 50 mile radius of the town. Visit Camping USA's Bend Oregon Campgrounds page, its an impressive list!

    Campgrounds around Bend range in location from high desert to high mountain lakes providing a range of camping opportunities. One of my favorites is Point Campground on Elk Lake:

  • JeffS January 2012
    Can't wait to explore some of the wonderful campgrounds in Bend, Oregon.

    With so many choices you can be at a different location everyday all summer long
  • Home Skillet February 2012
    I can vouch for how great this area is. You could spend an entire summer here and not see it all. Fantastic fishing lakes too. The whole Bend, Oregon area is packed with great outdoor stuff like Mt. biking, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, rafting, and soooo much more. I highly recommend it.