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Hot Springs Campground

Campground Details: Hot Springs Campground
State: Oregon Campgrounds

One of the Best Hot Springs in Oregon!
  • EricEric October 2011
    Of all of the many hot springs that my wife and I have visited over the years, this is by far one of the nicest ones with a complete rock enclosure to keep the wind off of you and some privacy. The water temp is absolutely perfect for a relaxing soak. Follow this up with a brisk walk back to your campsite and settle in for a cocktail! Even though it is rustic camping....we will certainly go back for another visit.
  • AaronAaron January 2012
    We should make an effort to get out there this winter. A soak in a pool in the middle of winter would be nice.
  • EricEric January 2012
    That would be great! I just wonder if the valley will be snowed in. They may also close the refuge in the winter. I'll have to research and get back to this thread.