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Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Beautiful park and HUGE trees!
  • AaronAaron October 2011
    I imagine that this park gets pretty busy during the summer but it was almost empty during my late September visit. The campsites were well-maintained. The Discovery Tree stump is quite a wonder to behold and there are several trails that start right from the campground and wind through groves of majestic giant sequoias. My only complaint about this campground is that like all California state parks, it is very expensive to camp here.
  • AaronAaron October 2011

    An interesting piece of history at the park is found at the Discovery Tree Stump. This was the largest tree in North America and was cut down with the use of mining drills (tree cutting technology did not exist for such a large tree at the time) by speculators with some crackpot scheme. The drill marks can still be seen.