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Kinnikinnick Campground

Campground Details: Kinnikinnick Campground
State: Oregon Campgrounds

  • CampingBotCampingBot August 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 08/08/2011 by ck1978

    If you have children do NOT GOT TO THIS CAMP GROUND, OR any Hood River Campsites. The first night local boys assaulted two women campers. Then we found out that this is the "nicer" camp versus the other campsites, like Beaver Lake, who had a stabbing the same night.

    We stayed hoping that we would be safer and they would maybe patrol or the campsite hand would drive through at night to make sure everything was okay. NOPE!

    The next night we had a guy screaming YAHOOO till dawn, and a single gun shot. No patrol, and everyone was too shaken up from the night before to ask them to be quite. Kids were scared to come out of the tents and we left the next day. Unfortunately when we talked to the campsite guy he made a comment about them being Portlanders and that he was "I'm gonna kick them out", we mentioned that we were from Portland and we're just a family trying to have fun. His demeanor changed and then he yelled at us to get of his camp and that he takes care of his own.

    I will never stay in Hood River or any of their campsites. I've never met such rude, ignorant people. If they would get past their ignorance that would realize, "portlanders" put money in to their economy.