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Eastern Slope Camping Area

Family Reunion disaster... NEVER again!
  • CampingBotCampingBot July 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/23/2011 by MarieStrout

    Where do I start? How about the filthy restrooms/showers, the dog owners who don't pick up after their pets, the lack of attention the staff pays to the campers who are drunk, loud, and disobeying the rules, or the "rec room" in which nearly all of the games are out of order and the dryers eat quarters like they are going out of style while still leaving you with wet clothes. I could also mention the tiny pool which quickly gets overcrowded, the two beaches- which in order to tube or kayak from one to the other, you need to pick up and walk over the many shallow parts. There isn't even anywhere that is deep enough to swim aside from a couple of small areas. The playground is outdated and unsafe for younger children. The staff are some of the rudest I have met- and I have traveled a LOT. Who shall I give special recognition to? Perhaps the lady working in the store who screamed at a couple of kids who didn't scoop out their ice cream fast enough on "make your own sundae night". Or the woman at checkout with the clown-thick makeup who never bothered to ask why we checked out a day early or how we enjoyed our stay. Or maybe the entire staff- of which NONE came to apologize or let anyone know what they were doing when the campsite lost power for 2 hours on a 100 degree night. I guess they were too busy riding around like maniacs on their golf carts narrowly avoiding the kids who ride their bikes and walk those same paths. This place is filthy, has nothing at all in the way of activities, and is run by a bunch of staff who don't care about the people who are paying their bills by giving them their business. They completely ruined a long awaited family vacation. Better luck next year I guess- but definitely NOT here. Try Danforth Bay. Cheaper and from what I've heard, much better maintained with more to do.