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Marble Quarry RV Resort

Marble Quarry, July 4 weekend 2011
  • CampingBotCampingBot July 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/19/2011 by Just1lina

    We stayed here while visiting Columbia, CA. SUPER HOT in the summer months so if you travel in an RV be prepared to fire up that AC!!

    The campground is nice, easy to get in and out. There was a nice grass area and play ground for the kids to play. The kids could easily ride their bikes around the park. The Pool was circa 1950 but worked fine. Could have been a little cleaner but I think the water was cloudy due to the fact that we arrived there at the end of the day on a really HOT day and the pool had been well used by that time. Pool area was otherwise very nice.

    There is a trail that goes from the campground into Columbia. Pretty nice trail but a little rough/narrow in some places. We had a jogger stroller and went '4-wheeling' but to just walk - no problem. FYI - if you are going to walk - bring the mosquito repellent. This was the ONLY area we noticed 'attack mosquitos' and only because you end up walking into the woods a bit.

    The walking trail into Columbia made it very easy to get back and forth given we were there over the 4th of July. There is also a nice trail up to the old Marble Quarry which offers a beautiful sunset view if you time it right.

    The only 'dislike'...this park requires that your campfires are in an enclosed container. You can 'rent' one for $5/day - you end up renting an old washtub from the inside of a washing machine. Kind of weird campfire wise.If you have your own portable fire pit...bring it. :o)