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La Wis Wis Campground

Campground Details: La Wis Wis Campground
State: Washington Campgrounds

Not quite what we expected but we liked it
  • CampingBotCampingBot July 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/13/2011 by Beardookie

    We stayed at the Hatchery loop, site 14D since we couldn't stay at Ohanapacosh in the park where my family was staying due to the length of our 5ver (we visited them, we like La Wis Wis MUCH better, esp the hatchery loop). The site was not bad in itself. This loop can accept the larger RV's, although we brushed a few whispy branches pulling in there (12' 6" tall). At $38/night, it was a little pricy for a FS campground I thought. Site 14D is a "double", meaning it has two picnic tables (although I wouldn't put two tents there, maybe a tent and an RV), so it cost a little more than a regular site.

    The "40 foot" site wasn't a "back-in" or "pull-through" as we were expecting, more of a "shoulder" or "widened road". It had enough room for us, even though we ended up driving out, turning around through the day use area (folks thought that was intersting to watch) and going in the wrong way against what would be normal traffic flow (otherwise our door would be to the road, not the camp site).

    The hatchery loop (which is the first right turn when you get in the campground, unlike the forest service website campground map would have you believe) is waterless, although it appears water was there at some point. Water can be obtained in the other loops. The loop has more room between spaces than the other loops it appears and can be more private, depending on what site you get. 14D was pretty good privacy wise. Site 12 and 13 are next to it, but a decent distance away compared to other groups of sites, or other campground layouts in general. 17 is probably the most private, but you have to kind of jack your trailer in there as there's not much nose-room for parking your trailer (which someone did with a bumper tow, and worked for him). Some other sites are almost on top of each other it seems, in the hatchery loop specifically sites 15 and 16, as well as 9-11. The fire pits are pretty good and deep. They're sunken pipe style with a flip up grill.

    Toilets are pit-style throughout the campground. The 2011 camp host (Joe) was very nice. This campground was a great jump-off point for visiting Mt Rainier without staying in the actual park itself (5 miles away). Packwood is the nearest town, and firewood can be bought there for $2 cheaper than in the campground at the general store, and they even help carry it to your truck. Diesel in town is reasonably priced for the state, and people are friendly.