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Wawaloam Campground

Campground Details: Wawaloam Campground
State: Rhode Island Campgrounds

What a disappointment
  • CampingBotCampingBot July 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/11/2011 by LUV2CAMPUSA

    What a disappointment. This campground is nice and clean, but the adult staff was extremely rude. They will charge you for everything and anything they can (dogs, early arrival, etc.) and there are many rules that are ridiculous. We arrived from NY 45 minutes early and were charged and extra $5 to register (only to use 1 1/2 hrs to try to fit into our site). When we got to our "premium" site, our travel trailer would not fit. While we were trying to get it to fit, employees drove by in their golf cart and did not offer help. When we called the office and told them we could not fit, we were told there were no other sites left. Shortly after calling, the same two employees came back and sat in their cart, never exiting and never helping. One of them stated to the other that we didn't need help, since we had others there. Isn't that their job? Thankfully we switched with friends and squeezed into the next site, backing into some shrubbery. We left a message with the owner's sister and even tried to find her at a couple locations, but to no avail. We left a message for her to come to our site but she never came or contacted us. A neighboring camper was overheard arguing with staff who were giving them a hard time about having an extra vehicle on their site). They too also said that they won't be back, to which the staff member responded, "That's right. You won't." Apparently, you're only allowed one vehicle per site, and we were "scolded" for a neighboring friend's truck too being too close to ours. Further, if you have a site with "grass", you won't be able to put your carpet out unless it's a small one. No carpets on the grass. In sum, I would not recommend this campground. It's very pricey, and staff are rude and too many ridiculous rules. They should advertise . . . WAWALOAM CAMPGROUND . . WHERE THERE'S A FEE FOR THAT.