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Versailles State Park

Campground Details: Versailles State Park
State: Indiana Campgrounds

Beautiful park
  • CampingBotCampingBot July 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/08/2011 by Laurie Nichols

    Versailles State Park is absolutely beautiful, it is well kept and everyone who worked there was quite friendly and helpful. We went there to camp and ride the mountain bike trails from a Wednesday to Friday in July, after the 4th holiday. Our site (105 in loop B) was huge but was in full sun most of the day. It rained hard after midnight and the site was nearly flooded by about 5:00 AM. I would not recommend that particular site if there is rain in the forecast.
    I also have to say that this was not a quiet park. There were large groups of 10-20 kids riding bikes and screaming almost constantly all day, so if you need quiet, be prepared. The adult campers all seemed to be respectful of other campers--I heard really loud music a couple of times but it didn't last long. There is a park employee who cruises through regularly to check on things as well.
    They have a large pool by the lake if you're into that and I think you can rent paddle boats and such. There is also a store on the premises but don't count on doing all of your shopping there. It has minimal supplies. I suggest buying your camp wood outside of the park, there are many locals who sell it. (Go over the the covered bridge and up the hill and look for signs.)
    As for the trail systems they are awesome. The mountain bike trails are fun and challenging and well marked. The hiking trails, well, they need more signage. We got lost and ended up hiking 4 more miles than we had planned. We had a map with us but there were many forks where it was totally unclear as to which one to take. On the bright side we saw some amazing wildlife. If you like birds take your binoculars on a hike, you'll have a blast.
    We're already planning a trip back but in the fall when the kids are back in school.