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Plymouth Rock Camping Resort

  • CampingBotCampingBot July 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 06/30/2011 by connectek

    Never again will I ever stay at this campground. This is by far the worst one I have ever been to. The price is crazy for what u get. The staff is rude. U will never get the same answer twice or even close. Forget about asking the owner he is worse and aragant. I feard for both myself and my families lives everynight due to the speeding golf carts driven by drunken campers. The staff also needs a lesson on not to speed around playgrounds and pools. The rules? There might as well not even be any. None of them r enforced. Kids jump the fence to the pool after hours, golf carts flying everywhere, there is no quiet time. If u complain to the owner he just threatns to kick u out so dont bother. The activities r boring at best. The only time bathrooms r cleaned is right when the pool closes so if u need to change or shower u have to wait and freeze or walk to the other side of the campground which smells like raw sewage. When stzffers r done cleaning u still have no paper towels or toilet paper.