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Walgren Lake State Recreation Area

More than Exceptable
  • Originally posted in the old review system on 05/10/2011 by jtrevor95

    This site is pretty well accurate when it comes to describing Walgren lake. However they are missing a few species of game fish that do exist within the lake. These species include black crappie which is more commonly seen than the white crappie. The channel catfish which shows a higher population than the black bullhead. For those of us who enjoy a good fight on the end of our line whether occationally or majority of the time also existing in the lake are northern pike which have been caught anywere in size from 9 inches to 4 feet being the largest i have seen. Not so common for Walgren there are Muskellung (muski) in the lake. Having caught a few already in 2011. Not only at the end of summer are the plant life a hassel while fishing and you can rest assured that you will snag the occational broken tree limbs that fall into the lake, but the trip becomes more than worth it seeing as to how the branches and mass of plant life give the Northerns and Large Mouth a prime habitat to live in. there is a bridge at this lake on the west end which is a good area to find black bullheads and crappie, be forewarned you may catch the occational turtle. and the trees around the bridge give you a high chance of losing your line. If you read this and have any questions email me at Id be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.