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Squaw Lake Campground

not 115 sites...
  • CampingBotCampingBot April 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 04/21/2011 by crstine28

    stayed here 4/17 and 18 2011.... first off i dont quite understand the 115 sites?? the rvs all park in the parking lot to camp. these are non electric non water parking spots. there are about 20 camp sites with table and fire rings. these are walk in only. most are a semi long walk if u are bringing in alot of camping equipment. some campers with boats just pack the boat and drive to camp. but there is only 6 site sthat u can access from the water due to vegitation. bathrooms and showers are close. $100 for 5 minute shower. we fished for 2 days and caught 1 catfish on mackeral, 1 carp on steak, 1 bluegill on worm, and an 18 inch turtle on steak!!that was the highlight. we fished the enire 48 hours leaving poles out at nite. so if u go to fish, go somewhere else. beware of raccoons! 1st nite they took entire bag of bread, hot dog buns, marshmellow, donutts, chips.... etc.... and the wild donkeys are not afraid! they followed me around. guess they wanted food. and boy are they loud at night!!!!! kept us up at 2am... if u have a boat then maybe its more enjoyable. i guess u can get to the channel in one. as far as the lake itself its a 5mph no wake zone. will not go here agian though...