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Autumn Hills Campground

Autumn Hills Campground a huge disappointment
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 11/12/2010 by xahcampersite24

    Disclaimer: This was written based on what we have witness and based on our bad experiences at Autumn Hills Campground from May 1,2008 to Oct 15,2010. We are sharing our experiences only. We hope that The campground will improved.

    Autumn Hills Campground have been the worst camping experiences ever. Autumn Hills Campground has had issues before our arrival, one person who has a bad temper and is violent, goes after other campers in rages, tossing stuff and threatens them. went after the owner last year and his son, but still remains at AHC, same couple cause excessive noise after hours. Bathrooms are disgusting. showers don’t work. Owner have their clicks, they break the rule for some and not others. A 70yr seasonal camper was sleeping in his car in 90 degree weather and the owners didn’t care. One seasonal camper had left, but still left their electric on and also left some personal stuff on her site, the owners removed belongings never contact them technically they had the site till Oct 15. We would not want to bring our family back there. The play ground is a joke , This campground was a huge disappointment, dirty and run down; and some seasonal site are poorly maintained or look abandoned. In our area alone 11 seasonal have pulled out prior to the end of the season ending. The campground owner had moved some seasonal into those site in order for it not to look so empty. This Campground has destroyed families and ruined friendships