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Patricia Lake Campground & RV Park

Campers Beware of Abusive Hot Headed Violent Owner!!
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 08/29/2010 by happycamper33

    DO NOT EVER Stay Here!! The owner of this park is a Hot Headed Abussive Tyrant with a Major Attitude Problem and Possible Mental Issues! We had a couple of our friends stop over to visit us at the campsite for a couple hours. We were very quietly sitting by the campfire socializing, No one was roudy or loud what-so-ever. When our friends had arrived they didn't see his sign saying they needed to register at the office and pay his $5.00 parking fee for thier two vehicles. He came marching over to our site and demanded they get up "Immediately and get them registered and off my grass or I am going to kick you all out of here". They immediately complied with his wishes and moved there vehicles. A little while later another friend showed up and parked at our site and accidentally locked her keys in her van. She was trying to call AAA when he came stomping back over to our site and starting Screaming Profanities at all of us and Threatening us if we didn't ALL Leave the Campground and His Property at once. He never even gave us the chance to explain the keys were locked in the van and we were doing our best to get it moved. Our wives were shocked and crying and he couldn't care less. His Tyrade went so far as to call the police on us after we had already called the police on him feeling we were going to be attacked. We were not even aurguing with him. We did not even so much as raise our voices to him and he continued to spew off for over an hour while we packed everything up in the Pouring Rain that came shortly after he demanded we leave. There were several Permenant Campers that saw his whole tyrade and came to us later and said he has done the same to others as well as them and they would never be coming back once thier contract is up. He has even been seen shooting customers loose dogs in the park with a Paintball Gun in broad daylight! We are so glad our children were not present to witness this whole thing as they would have all been traumatized by his outrageous behaviour. There are a lot of beautiful campgrounds in the northwoods. Do Not Stay Here!!