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Moose Hillock Campground

Good, but could be better
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 08/11/2010 by hancockbs

    The campground has well spaced out sites, so even if you can hear your neighbors, you don't have to see them from your site. The pool is nice, but no shade is provided in the way of umbrellas. Bring sunscreen. There are adequate supplies available in the small store and there is a poolside cafe for when you don't want to cook. The nearest stores of any size are about 30 miles away. There is no cell phone service (this may be good or bad) and there is a very small wifi hotspot. Somehow they have managed to confine the wifi signal to a corner of the pool area. It is used heavily. My biggest beef is that they charge for a shower. While it is only a quarter for about five minutes, the idea of charging infuriates me. I would much prefer the add a buck/night to my camp site fee. The staff are friendly, but there are a plethora of rules posted all over the campground. Finally, don't count on catching any fish in the stocked pond. The five days that I was there, I saw a lot of fishing going on, but not one fish being caught. They feed the fish everyday at 6:30 PM, so all the people fishing get to see the fish eat the food but not the bait. I'd probably look for a different campground if I returned to the area. There are many other options around.