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Crazy Horse Campground

Campground Details: Crazy Horse Campground
State: Wisconsin Campgrounds

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  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/28/2010 by taylon5

    This place touts itself as being luxurious and family-friendly, and even charges as such ($250 for 6 people 2 nights), but in no way is it either. We got in late Friday night to drunks running around with beers in their hand, when we complained they told us to call security, on everyone? We were woken up by people screaming around 6am. By 9am the pool was literally over flowing. Their mini golf range is disintegrating. The bathrooms and port-a-potties are very dirty. To top if off, the staff is extremely rude. We were waiting in line in the office and got to hear Peg insult customers before our turn. The man at front gate laughed when he told us the river was closed, despite it being open 18 minutes up river at another campsite.