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Granville State Forest

Very nice grounds; Park Manager is rather jerky!
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/26/2010 by campstew

    Overall the camping experience at Granville was okay. The hiking is enjoyable, fun and easy-to-moderate in difficulty. It's a very pretty park almost rainforest in nature. The sites are a little close together so there is not very much privacy and the number of sites are quite limited. The bathrooms were very nice, clean. They did have a dish washing area outside the bathrooms with a full sink which I thought was a nice touch and quite handy .

    The camping biggest negative is the Park Manager! I have to say that the manager of the campgrounds was really unpleasant and kind of a jerk!! We did notice that he drove up and down the park road staring in seemingly inspecting the people at each site. Honestly the group I was with felt somewhat uncomfortable since each day the same camp manager tried make excuses to come onto our site. Almost as if he was hunting for park any infraction he could find. He asked multiple times if we had any trash he'd like us to take. Sure that seemed like a nice gesture but twice in one day? really? He also took offense to the way we parked and asked us to repark our vehicle. As he did so he came onto the site and did a "walk around", again as if inspecting us.

    Now I am a 38 year old mature professional adult. The average age of the persons in our group (of four) was 35. So it's not like we were teenagers looking to party it up at a camp ground or anything. I camp frequently in the summer and even once or twice in the winter months. So I am a moderately serious camper. I do not suggest that I am a perfect camper or anything like that. Yet, I am respectful of other campers and overall want everyone to have an enjoyable time. So it is difficult for me to justify his frequent, random "inspections".

    We nicknamed the Park Manager as the "Granville Grinch", as with his green park shirt and his round waist he did somewhat resemble the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Besides his general appearance, it was more his unpleasant demeaner he shared with "The Grinch". Sure he was trying so hard to be nice, yet I got the sense all he wanted to do was find a reason to spoil our camping weekend.

    With all his patroling and inspecting, I have to say I NEVER felt so incredibly "watched over" and "inspected" at a campground. Being an avid camper and tax paying massachusetts resident, I appreciate the park system and have stayed at many state campgrounds. This man's patroling, controling nature really left me with an odd feeling almost as if we were being harrassed.

    It's truly a shame because Granville State Forest is beautiful, a jewel in south central massachusetts. Yet this trip there wasn't any Christmas in July celebrations, cause the Grinch called Santa and canceled.