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German Bridge Camping Area (Corps of Engineers - Dewey Lake)

  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/06/2010 by tysmom

    My husband family lives near the campground. My father in law and husband was up their this last May and was given a flier about the campground with pricing. So for his family reunion we decided to take our camper and spend the july 4th weekend. will according to the paper there was free horseback riding for campers and it was only 20.00 a night to camp 25.00 for holiday. But what the paper didn't say was no horses and they charge you by the size of your camper we had to pay 32.00 a night. The restrooms was a joke only one working commode. we couldn't use are ac if we were going to use the microwave because it blew the breakers there. So when we had to give ours kide there breathing treatments we had to make sure everything was turned off. Their was no playground for the kids.The people that take care of place needs to teach there kids to stay out of your camper and belongings. We were not their 10 min. and they were climbing in your camper while you were trying to set up. They constantly asked for food and drinks. They would take our kids toys, we would have to go and get them back. Finally after adressing it with the kids and parents it took us about four more times before they actually did anything about them. This was the first campground we had ever stayed at that we made for sure everything was put in the camper or loaded back in our tuck. This is a campground we will not stay at again unless they do alot of work to it.