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Escatawpa Hollow Campground & Canoe Rental

Father's Day Nightmare
  • CampingBotCampingBot January 2011
    Originally posted in the old review system on 07/02/2010 by joshwmac

    My wife and I have had a couple bad encounters with this campground and it's owner. At the beginning of the summer my wife and I was looking for a fun place to take the kids swimming for the summer. She found this place and thought it would be great since it was only a few miles from our house. Like in the previous review, she calls one morning to get prices and the owner answers the phone, my wife starts to ask him about his prices and he cuts her off and very rudely tells her not to be calling waking him up so early in the morning (7am). She apologized and told him she thought this was a business line and not a residential line and he hung up on her. My wife, kids, parents, and I rented two camp sites side by side so we could camp out there for a couple days for Father's Day on Father's Day weekend. For the two days we were there, the owner made what was supposed to be a very relaxing, enjoyable Father's Day weekend for my family very very miserable. When we arrived that Saturday afternoon about 3pm we set up our tents and it was really hot so we brought a small generator so we could run some fans. The owner drives his John Deer Gator up in our camp site and very rudely tells us that if we wanted electricity we would have to pay extra for a RV site thats away from the water and completely unnecessary for our needs. We were polite dispite his attitude, but he then proceeds to threaten us that he will kick us out if he has to come back. We never saw any rules posted about generators and the lady at the front gate told us it was fine. Later that evening I took my three girls, ages 6, 7, and 8, up to the bath house so they could wash off and bath before bedtime. Two of my girls were in the bathroom taking a shower and my other girl and I were standing outside the bathroom washing the sand off of her before her shower. Well, while I'm tending to my daughter outside, I turn around to see the owner walking into the girls bathroom while they were in there naked still showering, yelling and cursing at them that they better get the hell out of there. My father instincts kicked in at that moment and I charged toward the guy to get him out of the girls bathroom and he turns around and starts yelling for their parents. I told him I was standing right there and saw and heard what he did and told him that he better not approach my children again especially while they are naked in the bathroom and if he had something to say to them that he better come to me first. He started rambling about using all his hot water and I stopped him and said that I didn't care and if he tried to approach my children again I was going to call the Sheriff. He told me that it was his bathroom and he could do what he wanted and I then told him that we could go ahead and call the Sheriff out there now and let him explain why he was trying to enter the girls bathroom with two naked little girls in there especially after he was told they were in the naked. I stood in his path and would not let him enter until the children left. My wife and I walked up to the front to complain to the lady at the gate, which is his wife, and the next day he came back to our camp site and told us that he didn't appreciate us attacking his good character. What a joke. After the way this owner treated us and watching how he was treating others, we decided that this was our last trip to this place and decided that we rather drive way out of our way to go to some place nice where we are appreciated than come to this hell hole and be treated like dirt and we informed them of that on our way out. This place is not family, children, or anybody friendly! Beware and stay away from this place at all cost. There are much better places to go than to come here and be treated badly. I just wish there was somewhere or somebody to file a complaint to so this place can be investigated and let more people know about the horrors of this place.