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Idaho Campgrounds

Albert Moser Campground
Amanita Campground
Antelope Campground
Barneys Campground
Baumgartner Campground
Beaver Creek Campground
Bell Bay Campground
Big Elk Campground
Big Hank Campground
Big Springs - Caribou
Big Springs Campground
Black Rock Campground
Bonanza Group Campground
Bonneville Campground
Buffalo Campground
Bull Trout Lake Campground
Bumblebee Campground
Buttermilk Campground
Calamity Campground
Chemeketan Campground
Cloverleaf Campground
Cold Springs Campground
Cozy Cove Campground
Curlew Campground
Dead Swede Campground
Devils Elbow Campground
Dog Creek Campground
Easley Campground
Eastside Campground
  Elk Creek Campground
Emigration Campground
Falls Campground
Father and Sons Campground
Flat Rock Campground
Glacier View Campground
Grayback Gulch Campground
Grouse Campground
Hazard Lake Campground
Helende Campground
Hettinger Group Campground
Hot Springs Campground
Howers Campground
Kirkham Campground
Kit Price Campground
Loristica Group Campground
Lower French Creek Campground
Luby Bay Campground
Malad Summit Campground
McCrea Bridge Campground
Mike Harris Campground
Montpelier Canyon Campground
Mountain View Campground
O'Hara Campground
Osprey Campground
Paris Springs Campground
Park Creek Campground
Picnic Point Campground
Pine Flats Campground
  Point Campground
Porcupine Campground
Porcupine Springs Campground
Powell Campground
Rainbow Point Campground
Rattlesnake Campground
Redfish Outlet Campground
Reeder Bay Campground
Riverside Campground
Sagehen Creek Campground
Saint Charles Campground
Sam Owen Campground
Scout Mountain Campground
Shafer Butte Campground
Sheep Trail Campground
Shoreline Campground
South Fork Salmon River CG
Spring Creek Campground
Stanley Lake Campground
Stoddard Creek Campground
Summit View Campground
Swinging Bridge Campground
Table Rock Campground
Upper Coffee Pot Campground
Upper Payette Lake Campground
Warm Lake Campground
Warm River Campground
Wilderness Gateway Campground
Willow Flat Campground
Wood River Campground

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