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Displaying 50 reservable public campgrounds in Southern California
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Southern California Campgrounds

Bakersfield RV Travel Park
Barton Flats Campground
Big Pine Creek Campground
Boulder Basin Campground
Burnt Rancheria Campground
Camp Four Campground
Camp Nine Campground
Camp Three Campground
Corps of Engineers - Pine Flat Lake
Coy Flat Campground
Crab Flats Campground
Crystal Lake Campground
Destiny McIntyre Campground
Dinkey Creek Campground
Dogwood Campground
Dorabelle Campground
Fairview Campground
  Fern Basin Campground
Frog Meadows Campground
Gold Ledge Campground
Grays Meadow Campground
Green Valley Campground
Hanna Flat Campground
Headquarters Campground
Heart Bar Campground
Hospital Flat Campground
Hume Lake Campground
Hungry Gulch Campground
Lake Campground
Leavis Flat Campground
Live Oak Campground
Lone Pine Campground
Main Dam Campground
Marion Mountain Campground
  Mount Oak Campground
Mt. Whitney Family Campground
Onion Valley Campground
Paradise Cove Campground
Pineknot Campground
Pioneer Point Campground
Princess Campground
Quaking Aspen Campground
Redwood Meadow Campground
Sandy Flat Campground
Serrano Campground
Stony Creek Campground
Tillie Creek Campground
Upper Sage Flat Campground
Upper Stony Creek Campground
White River Campground

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