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The camp chair is an item that hasn’t changed much over the last 10 years and is something that we have complacently accepted as “good enough”. It isn’t until a much better product comes along that we realize that previous products had far more shortcomings than we had identified. This is precisely what happened when we got our hands on a Strongback and did some field testing with this excellent new camp chair.

Strongback makes two chair models: the Zen and the Elite.  The differences between these models are mostly related to the size and weight of the person that will be sitting in them. The Strongback website has a very detailed explanation of what chair would be best for an individual which can be viewed here: Strongback model comparison. Our test chair was the Strongback Elite

What makes the Strongback Chair so different?
The short answer of why the Strongback is a better chair is that it’s a sturdy, well-built chair that is designed to have proper back support. As far as we know, Strongback is the only camp chair that is designed ergonomically for proper posture and support. To expand on the Strongback's unique design, here are some quotes the Strongback website:

Patent-pending technology represents an evolution of the traditional camp chair by adding exclusive, frame-integrated, lumbar support - all while maintaining the ease of use, light weight and portability people expect and appreciate in portable chairs. 

Ergonomic seat design allows you to relax against the comfortable lumbar support while preventing the uncomfortable leg-pinch from the fabric in the front of the seat that is common in many other chairs.

The Strongback is built of  heavy duty polyester fabric on a powder-coated steel frame. It folds like other chairs and stows away in an included polyester bag. And yes of course, it has a cup holder for your favorite beverage.

The Strongback Chair in Action
What is it like sitting in a Strongback chair? The first thing you will notice is that you aren’t sitting in a sagging seat with your rear end positioned well below your knees. The upright position together with increased lumbar support result in more than just added comfort, you are actually enjoying proper posture. Campers with back problems will greatly appreciate this chair but really anyone should be able to enjoy the added support and comfort this chair provides. You wouldn’t want to sit in a sagging chair with poor support at home, so why do it at camp? Finally, since you aren’t sitting in such a low position like other camp chairs, It’s easier to get up out of the seat.

What are others saying?
The Adventure Network has a new favorite chair: “Love the Strongback. If Adventure Network’s gonna be sitting, it’s in this chair or not at all.” Click here for full review at The Adventure Network

Woods Monkey states “Super comfortable, durable and easy to transport.” Click here for the full review at Woods Monkey

Fans of Being a Mom gives high praise to the Strongback: “Strongback chairs are lightweight, portable, and – bar none – the most comfortable collapsible chair you will ever sit in.” Click here for the full review at Fans of Being A Mom

Nick at Gypsy Journal loves the chair too: it is absolutely the most comfortable camp chair I have ever sat in.” Click here for the full review at Gypsy Journal

The crew at Wander the West is impressed with the Strongback. Click here for the full discussion at Wander the West

The Strongback is certainly a step forward in camp chair design. If you suffer from back pain then getting this chair is an obvious choice. If you don’t, we believe you are still going to love this chair anyway if you give it a chance. Is it the best chair on the market? There are a great many chairs out there and we haven’t tried them all, but we can say that the Strongback chair is by far the best chair we have used to date. It's hard to imagine how a portable folding chair could get any better and with a price of 79.95 for the Elite and 45.95 for the Zen, the Strongback should be an obvious choice for any serious camper.

For more information please visit the Strongback Website.

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